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Server mode

Pic below:With HAM Label you can create your own files and associated input masks using an easy-to-use editor. Once this is done, you can start HAM Label in server mode 2. Only the input mask is then displayed in which you can enter data and then print it out.

Example: You create an address file and an associated input mask in which the name, street, zip code and city can be entered. Then you create a label that can print these fields on a label. That was the preliminary work. If you now call up server mode 2 in the future, only the input window will be opened in which you can enter name, street, zip code and city. If you now press the "Print" button there, the data entered will be printed on the label sheet according to the design of the label. Now you can enter the next data and print it out or you can reduce the window so that it is in the lower task bar and waits to be opened again.

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