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HAM Label is a professional program for the graphic design and printing of labels, cards, business cards and CD labels. It was specially written for the design of QSL cards in amateur radio, as it shows that there are a huge number of programs that can receive and evaluate data on radio contacts, but written contact with radio partners via QSL cards is more or less neglected.

HAM Label basically offers all functions that are necessary for a quick and easy design of this and other cards. You can create all the elements of a map clearly in a graphical editor and see immediately on the screen what the subsequent printout will look like. The connection with the data to be printed has also been simplified as far as possible, so that this program is easy to use even for non-computer users. Extensive help information at every point in the program as well as further tips and tricks in the help file support every single step from the first start of the program to the printing of the labels and cards.

HAM Label has a number of functions that are only interesting and helpful for radio amateurs. But also the printing of address data and other data is very easy to accomplish.

Program structure

Basically, HAM Label consists of the data interfaces, the mask editor for the graphic creation of the templates, the label, card and symbol libraries as well as additional databases.

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