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Import data

In order to print out data with the program, a file with the data must be assigned to a template. The import assistant supports you in this.

If the location or logbook name is unknown, the program searches for known logbooks and allows a selection from the files found. The internal search list is updated regularly and is available as an update. Logbooks that are already in the internal search list are read into the program without any further action. Otherwise, the import wizard will guide you through various steps to read in the file. Of course, any files (e.g. address files) can be read and not just log files.

The following file types are automatically recognized and can be read:
-DBF- files (dBase 2,3,4)
-ASCII - files with variable record length and field separator
-ASCII- files with fixed record length
- Certain log files that differ from this but are available in the internal search list
(e.g. ARMAP, Swisslog (DOS), DXLog, etc.)

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