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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.65.0: QSL print mask editor: you can now select a different label when starting the mask editor

09.11.2023  HAM LABEL  Release 6.65.0

  • 6.64.0: Improved update management
  • 6.63.0: Optimizations in the mask editor (zoom)

31.10.2023  HAM LABEL  Release 6.64.0

  • 6.63.0: QSO printing: When sorting by QSL office, QSLvia is better taken into account with DXCC=K
  • 6.63.0: fundamental revisions for better placement and moving of elements in the mask editor
  • 6.63.0: Optimizations in the mask editor (zoom)

08.09.2023  HAM LABEL  Release 6.63.0

  • 6.62.0: there were discrepancies when switching between different created labels - now corrected
  • 6.62.0: Fixed error message when email label has option "plain text"
  • 6.62.0: options for email QSL: if you changed the file type to BMP, you couldn't go back to JPG. This is now corrected.
  • 6.62.0: EMail-QSL: new option "Open folder with created images next to the e-mail program". This option is helpful if you cannot insert the created images with Ctrl+V after start

10.03.2023  HAM LABEL  Release 6.62.0

  • 6.61.7: when sorting by QSL bureau, QSLvia entries with more than 5 characters are now also sorted

28.12.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.7

  • 6.61.6: further fix for "List of printed records" when log file is an ADIF file

28.10.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.6

Fix for "List of printed records" and detection of already printed QSOs

18.10.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.5

Release 6.61.4

  • 6.61.4: Correction of search function in QSO selection window
  • 6.61.4: Removed date range selection in QSO list

14.09.2022  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.4

  • 6.61.3: Correction again when accessing incorrect ADIF files

25.11.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.3

  • 6.284.4: QSL printing: if options in the form "only print if etc" have been assigned to text fields, this now works more reliably for tables (premium license)

05.11.2021  HAM LABEL  Release 6.61.0

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